Spin-offs & Startups

The following list is a selection of current and former start-up projects which emerged at Leibniz Universität Hannover:

Rooftop Energy, Wind energy - efficient and decentralised

Founding year:
Renewable energy
Founding team:
Alexander Massing, Julius Müller, Daniel Willers

Rooftop Energy develops and produces a vertical wind turbine for households, businesses and the public sector. Due to its small size, low noise level and high efficiency, the vertical Helix wind turbine is a genuine alternative to solar panels or other vertical wind turbines in urban areas. Due to the improved efficiencies and service life, Rooftop Energy brings about a significant increase in economic efficiency. Also, the electricity can be consumed where it is produced, thus relieving the electricity grids. That provides an additional urban and green energy source, enabling us all to contribute to climate protection.

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