Spin-offs & Startups

The following list is a selection of current and former start-up projects which emerged at Leibniz Universität Hannover:

Hypnetic GmbH, Storage Solution for the Energy Revolution

Founding year:
Energy industry, renewable energies
Founding team:
Alexander Börgel, Niko Dalke, Eugen Zukin

The Hypnetic energy storage system is characterised by low specific costs, long service life and high power density. The specially developed, innovative heat recovery and AI storage management ensure maximum efficiency of the hydropneumatic energy storage technology. Due to the excellent scalability and the completely independent dimensioning of power and capacity, a large field of applications can be flexibly covered. Unlike batteries, Hypnetic's energy storage solution does not use rare minerals, critical resources or toxic chemicals. Additionally, the storage solutions have no degradation of performance or capacity over their lifetime and can be completely deep discharged without adverse effect.

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