Spin-offs & Startups

The following list is a selection of current and former start-up projects which emerged at Leibniz Universität Hannover:

EXOPEK GmbH, Sports equipment for functional equipment training

Founding year:
Sports equipment for functional equipment training
Founding team:
Pascal Moszczynski, Okay Canbulat

EXOPEK® is a patented sports product that revolutionises functional equipment training. EXOPEK is everything an athlete loves about their workout. Only much more of it. A new kind of training feeling. Highest efficiency. Almost limitless possibilities. A milestone in functional training. With EXOPEK, every athlete continues to enjoy complete freedom, remains mobile and independent - but trains beyond the limits of their body weight. No matter where. No matter when. Uncompromising professionalism. Highest quality. An added value that can no longer be missing in the future of sports.

EXOPEK. Free your workout.

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