Spin-offs & Startups

The following list is a selection of current and former start-up projects which emerged at Leibniz Universität Hannover:

Individual Tutoring

-Joy in learning, confident in every exam and good grades

Individual Tutoring has made it its mission to offer help to young people by encouraging the best possible from each student. With our team, we not only create learning successes but also bring back the joy of learning. In this way, we create perspectives together.

MIP Technology GmbH

-Robust ID designed for Industry

We have a vision of a magnetic data storage technology tailored to industrial applications and consumer products, the Magnetic Information Platform, or MIP for short. The advantages over competing technologies such as barcodes and RFID are the readability through metallic layers and the high temperature and chemical resistance. At the same time, the ID tag is thin and can be integrated flexibly. We will advance I.4.0 with our ID.

Medizinio GmbH

-The digital contact for medical technology

Every doctor can find the best medical technology online with Medizinio - that is our vision! With the medizinio.de and medizintechnikmarkt.de portals, we offer an online platform where doctors can find out about medical technology and enquire about it directly. We then pass the enquiry on to two qualified partners who send the doctor an offer. That makes it possible to compare offers in this non-transparent market, where sums in the 5- or 6-digit range are quickly involved. Also, used equipment can be sold to dealers on our marketplace.

Hypnetic GmbH

-Storage Solution for the Energy Revolution

Hypnetic develops a cost-effective, efficient and sustainable energy storage solution for industrial applications. With self-consumption & feed-in optimisation, peak load capping, control power and flicker compensation, companies can reduce their energy costs, receive additional remuneration, increase their security & quality of supply and improve their ecological balance.

eco:fibr GbR

-Turning Waste into Purpose

We at eco:fibr have developed an environmentally friendly process to produce pulp from the plant waste of pineapple cultivation. The plant residues pose a significant problem for farmers, as they are difficult to compost and are therefore often disposed of with chemicals or fire. We thus offer the paper industry a sustainable alternative to the conventional pulp.

Rooftop Energy

-Wind energy - efficient and decentralised

Rooftop Energy develops and produces a vertical wind turbine for households, businesses and the public sector. Due to its small size, low noise level and high efficiency, the vertical Helix wind turbine is a genuine alternative to solar panels or other vertical wind turbines in urban areas. Due to the improved efficiencies and service life, Rooftop Energy brings about a significant increase in economic efficiency.

studiomauer GbR

-architecture city design

studiomauer has been active as an idealistic office and ongoing experiment since 2019. Inspired by friends, young makers, fine details and complex spatial contexts in the city, architecture and society, we want to participate in shaping our collective future. At studiomauer, five heads run hot, discuss with each other, produce new possibilities, question tasks and offer versatile approaches to solutions. As a young collective, we are enthusiastic problem solvers, researchers of unconventional ideas and good partners in projects. We make architecture, city, design. Feel free to take a look!

Givetastic Technologies UG (limited liability)

-Social Entrepreneurship // Social Tech Startup

Givetastic is developing an innovative donation credit app to democratise corporate giving and empower employees to tackle social and environmental challenges together.

HeyDo! Apps GmbH

-Digital Shopfloor Management

With HeyDo!, the digitalisation of shop floor management is guaranteed to succeed - 100% integrable into the IT landscape - simple, efficient and LEAN. HeyDo! supports immediately when today's Excel solutions, manual lists or handwritten records reach their limits. HeyDo! provides more transparency for managers and actively integrates employees into the CIP process. Those who are convinced of the principles of shop floor management can now improve even more with HeyDo! and at the same time relieve the actors on the shop floor - Let's make vast improvements together!

Blumixx GmbH

-The simplest balcony greening in the world

Blumixx delivers ready-planted flower box inserts by postal parcel, throughout Germany and to neighbouring countries. The flower arrangements are matched to the customer's location and planted seasonally with plants of the best gardener's quality. The online offer of the company, founded in 2013, includes more product ideas for balcony gardeners and urban gardening enthusiasts. In 2015, the Blumixx team entered the final round of the Taspo Award in the category "Business Idea of the Year" and in 2017 came 24th in the growth ranking of Gründerszene.

FiberBridge Photonics GmbH

-Fiber Components | Fiber Amplifier Modules | Fiber Processing Machines

FiberBridge Photonics develops, produces and distributes optical fibre components, splice-free fibre amplifier modules and machines for the production of fibre optic components. The products' areas of application range from the automotive industry and the laser industry to medical and sensor technology. By covering the complete production chain, from the simulation of the customer-specific fibre component to the provision of the entire production line, the individual needs in the various industries can be served.

HoGroTec GmbH

-Innovation in the field of production technology

HoGroTec GmbH is developing a 3D printing system that processes commercially available plastic granulate. The patent-pending technology allows the use of series materials as cost-effective granulate and achieves reduced process times with equivalent imaging accuracy compared to the processing of plastic filament. That enables HoGroTec GmbH to manufacture economically individual parts and small series from thermoplastics.

epap GmbH

-Digital receipt

epap is developing an app-based solution that prevents the printing of environmentally harmful receipts, allows users to analyse daily spending and helps retailers to understand their customers better.

Meetlist UG (limited liability)

-Activities in your area

Meetlist helps you find the right people in your area for your activities, no matter where you are or who you know! Are you new in town and don't know anyone yet? Your friends don't share all your hobbies? Someone has dropped out at short notice? If you have any of these problems, don't worry, Meetlist can help! Simply create a new event (Meet) with the place, time, category & description, which will be shown to everyone in your area.

Finealyze GmbH

-IIoT Solutions & Process Mining for Industrial Production

Finealyze offers innovative software solutions for the industrial internet of things. With this, we also enable SMEs to analyse extensive machine data automatically to optimise production processes sustainably.

Kornpops UG (limited liability)

-Corn pops are the crunchiest and tastiest form of popcorn.

We as a company offer handmade popcorn made from French organic corn. Prepared without oil and coated with the most popular flavours, conventional popcorn is given a new image.

HAIP Solutions GmbH

-Application-oriented hyperspectral imaging solutions

Since 2018, HAIP Solutions GmbH, a young tech company from Hanover (Germany), has been working in the development of user-oriented hyperspectral imaging (HSI) camera solutions. Our products based on spectral technology are used in the fields of plant breeding, agriculture and forestry, food industry, recycling and geology. We strongly believe that spectral imaging can contribute to making the world a more sustainable planet.


-Sports equipment for functional equipment training

EXOPEK® is a patented sports product that revolutionises functional equipment training. EXOPEK is everything an athlete loves about their workout. Only much more of it. A new kind of training feeling. Highest efficiency. Almost limitless possibilities. A milestone in functional training. With EXOPEK, every athlete continues to enjoy complete freedom, remains mobile and independent - but trains beyond the limits of their body weight. No matter where. No matter when. Uncompromising professionalism. Highest quality. An added value that can no longer be missing in the future of sports. EXOPEK. Free your workout.

Nefino GmbH

-Digitalisation Renewable Energies

We are a full-service provider offering unique data, analytics and software services for players in the renewable energy market and, of course, anyone who wants to become part of it now.

Bitmotec GmbH

-Smart Solutions

Bitmotec's IoT-based data assistance systems support companies in networking, individually analysing and visualising data from various sources.

Fenntec GmbH

-Autonomous robot for weed removal

Fenntec declares war on pesticides. To make chemical weeding superfluous, a robot for removing weeds was developed. The autonomous robot, which distinguishes between weeds and crops, will initially enable organic farmers to replace time-consuming manual labour. By saving costs, organic vegetables can be produced more cheaply.

Online Schiedsrichter Schule GbR


The Online Schiedsrichter Schule has set itself the goal of counteracting the acute shortage of referees in football. With the help of the OSS app, interested parties should be able to complete the training to become a referee completely independently of time and place to reduce the hurdles on the way to becoming a referee. Within the training, special emphasis is placed on the optimal support of the learner by the instructor and the app.

weMake GbR

-Share economy platform for sharing skills

weMake is a mobile share economy platform for sharing skills. Here, everyone can offer their entire spectrum of skills - from hobbies to helpfulness to vocations. In turn, the entire potential of skills finally becomes visible and usable. Here everyone can find like-minded people, help, occupations and jobs. weMake connects people with what they can do and what they are looking for and thus makes daily life a little easier and more beautiful. So join in!

Picum MT

-Autonomous Tool Robots

beta Market Research

-Data Analysis


-Business Consulting

innoSEP GmbH

-Big Data Analytics & Machine Learning


-Educational Media

Tutao GmbH



-GPGPU Programming Solution


-Returns Management

tecodrive GmbH

-Development Service Providers


-Progressive Environmental & Agricultural Technologies

inwendo GmbH

-Internet & Creative Agency

Energieheld GmbH

-Building Industry and Trade

Qnips GmbH

-Mobile Marketing and Mobile Payment

Qompa GmbH

-Digital News

Die Energieingenieure Schmidt und Reinisch GbR

-Energy Counselling