Startup Consultancy

Each startup consultancy begins with a personal meeting in which specific requirements of individual projects are developed together with consultants of the startup service. Depending on the respective situation, we give advice on the next steps to take and make contact with further supporters from the startup network, thus laying the foundations for a successful business start.

Our offers include, on a cross-sectoral level:

  • Feedback on the business idea
  • Advice on the business model
  • Establishment of contacts relevant for foundations
  • Information on startup issues
  • Support for business-plan and startup competitions

and much more.

Our free offer aims at preventing avoidable mistakes and accelerating the startup process, by providing consultancy perfectly tailored to the individual project.

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Business Model

Prior to writing a business plan, it must be made clear how the business model of the respective company is to look like. The so-called Canvas Business Model may help to gain an overview of the key factors of a successful business model. It is particularly for innovative business ideas where the precise generation of profit is not always clear, that this may be a useful basis.

The method was developed by the Swiss entrepreneur Alexander Osterwalder and is meanwhile considered worldwide as a means of developing innovative business models. For a Canvas (screen), you need a large sheet of paper on which nine boxes for nine key factors of a business model are outlined. Visually supported, many individual aspects can be combined to form a business model and can be related to each other. Ideally, an interdisciplinary group would work with this method and put the developed hypotheses to the test permanently. The staff of the foundation service will be there to support and moderate the creative process on request.

Business Plan

In particular when planning complex foundations, sooner or later the question of a business-plan publication will arise. Whether for external partners or investors, for internal use or for consultation with the start-up service - a carefully prepared business plan may increase the prospects of a foundation. Moreover, this form of written business planning is a good oportunity to score at competitions, and to obtain capital injections. We would be pleased to check with you in a personal meeting the cases where a business plan would make sense, and to discuss which contents should always be considered, or which information should not be disclosed.