Ausgründungen & Start-ups

Eine Auswahl von Gründungsprojekten, an denen aktive und ehemalige Mitglieder der Leibniz Universität mitgewirkt haben. Viele der Projekte sind direkt aus dem Studium oder wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten entstanden.

SensePRO, Hard- & Softwaresysteme

Hard- & Software
Amit Tyagi, Rustem Dautov, Yajian Wang, Jaqueline Brinn

We are a young team of interdisciplinary entrepreneurs revolutionizing the way people film. While doing action sports, many do not have their hands (and heads) free to manage a camera and, thus, film way more than they need by simply filming everything. That creates battery issues as well as lots of unnecessary editing time. We are gonna help by understanding which sport is performed and, based on their preferences, just film the cool moves. Intelligent sensors recognize moves and decide whether to turn the camera on or off so you can now focus on the action, not the camera (!).

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