Tobias Meyer

Startup Consultant

Tobias studied economics, global environmental management and marketing at the Universities of Hannover, Cape Coast and Groningen. During his stay abroad in Ghana in 2013 he founded a non-profit organization in the health sector. Back in Germany in 2014, his establishment of a beverage startup was successfully financed by crowdfunding. After completing his master's degree in Groningen, Tobias worked as project consultant for the crowdfunding platform Startnext in Berlin and took care of strategy and process optimization.

Tel. 0511 762 2916


Tobias Quebe

Project Leader

Tobias studied Economic Geography at Leibniz Universität Hannover, with Corporate Management and Organisation as minor subject (2006 - 2012). Previously, he already started various smaller projects in e-commerce. During his studies, he established an independent brand in online food trade. After his commitment as start-up advisor at the EXIST Gründerhochschule in Saarbrücken he returned to Hannover where he now coordinates the reconstruction of the "starting business" foundation service at Leibniz Universität as project leader.